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PCBA Introduction

We offer customized Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) module. For the sake of our automation and standardized SMT Production, we could manufacture sophisticated product which is hardly, or costly to be achieved with rely on manual production. Our Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) production including standard and quality SMT machine, Auto Optical Inspection System, Wave Solder Machine, BGA Rework Station, Manual Inserting Line, and a complete set of high-technologic testing equipment which to ensure product manufacture and deliver to customer are at the best quality.

Current module that we manufacture including but not limited to LED TV AV Board, XM Radio Board, 5G Radio Board, HDMI Sound System Board, Wi-Fi Module Board, Valves Controller Board, Camara Board, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth System Board.Besides of major system board as mentioned in previous line, we also assist our customer to manufacture small part of PCBA including Indicator module, with the combination use of Robotic Soldering System and manual process.